Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get maximum responses to my ad ?
Make your ad very descriptive and easy to understand. Your title should list the product / service you are listing. Price and location can also be specified in the title . A picture is worth a thousand words. Send the link to your ad to your friends by email and if you have a site/blog post it there. Post a 'featured ad' and you are guaranteed more exposure.

How do I post an Ad for a cause ?
Click the link on the home page "Post an Ad without registration" (or Click here) or login after registration. After choosing your category and submitting your ad, you will be shown two buttons - One for posting a featured ad (supporting a cause) and another for posting a free ad. If you need to post for a featured ad click the corresponding button. We are currently using paypal to process featured ads

How much of the money goes to the charity?
$5 is what we charge for the Ad for a cause. $0.60 goes to credit card processing and $0.40 for admin costs (site maintenance, administration charges , marketing) and $4 goes to the DifferenceNow Foundation (

Why is the AdsToronto project providing both free ads and ads for a cause?
Free is always good. But posting an ad for a very small amount directed towards a charity is better.

Can I post both free and paid classifieds ?

How do I know how many people have viewed my ad ?
If you recently posted your ad then go to the "Most Recent Ads" section (or Click here) and you will see the number of views and the expiry date of your ad.